Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Haha... so true.

Don't get in my way on the road.

I'm in a hurry.

I have important places to be.

I'm a Dale Jr. reincarnate.

I..... drive a mini van.

...and I have precious cargo buckled in the back seat...

...IIII'm..okay... a speed demon at heart. You're probably looking at ME in your rear view, and I'm probably sucking in the fumes of your exhaust pipe wishing I could will my Honda Odessey to fly past your.... Honda Pilot...? Seriously is anyone reading this driving anything other than a "family sensible car"... is anyone reading this at all anymore since I've been slacking in my obsessive blogging habits...

But at the risk of sounding cliche'... don't you love sentences that start that way? ...neither do i. Take another look at the words on that rear view mirror. I'm not winning any races on the road (much to the annoyance of every man on the road that is horrified that I'm not driving 100 in the slow lane of the freeway..... them and every Honda Pilot driver... thems crazy people)

But I'm winning another race.

My opponent- Grief.

Grief puts up a good fight. He is fast. He is clever. He is a he because he knows how to push my buttons.

But I am faster. And now he is in the rear view sucking in all the fumes from my exhaust pipe.

I don't drive a mazzarati. I didn't need anything fancier than my Honda Oddesey. You see, grief, while very persistent, can be be outrun. If you take even one small pit stop, he will catch you again. If you look back for too long you lose momentum and he's right on top of you. But if you focus forward and just keep driving you can beat him.

You will never completely lose him. If you look in your rear view, he will always be there waiting for you to give him a chance to overtake you again.

However, if you just keep moving forward, objects in the rear view DO seem smaller than they actually are, and DO appear to be losing.

ps... Honda Pilot drivers aren't that bad...I just long to be one of them.

...I did hear that they have a supressed fear of killer trout, however... and that's a little silly...


Young Family said...

I'm reading it. I wish there was more to read on a regular basis.

Bretzing Fam said...

ok, first of all this pilot driver only wishes she had a minivan...if only! and I didn't see you running to the pond to pull out your very own trout (fishing is only fun if you have a strong man (like my dad) to pull them off the hook....they do really have a sickening wiggle. Seriously though, you are amazing, and I am glad you are my friend, I have learned so much from you!

Bretzing Fam said...

PS...Steve is strong too, he just has more of an adversion to fish than I do!

mom holmes said...

amen. great analogy and perfectly worded. i was just talking about this today with my sister and how we could remain "ahead of the fuzz", if you will. (but that doesn't really make sense so you don't have to give your will.) it certainly takes effort and attention.

your the funniest. :)